The Benefits of Using Window Graphics to Advertise Your Business

How many times have you heard the phrase “I never even knew that shop existed”? In fact, how many times have you said that yourself about a shop which has just never caught your eye, but has been mentioned in passing conversation?

A bland and boring shop front can easily go unnoticed on a high street full of bustling crowds and other “in your face” retailers. If you want to attract customers, especially if you are a new business, then you need to stand out from the crowd. An attractive and bright sign just isn’t enough and often won’t cut it in our modern time where shoppers often don’t have the time to go into each shop to find out what they are about. You need to grab customer’s attention and convey what your business offers quickly and effectively.

Inexpensive and invaluable advertising

Window graphics and vinyl’s can transform your shop façade from dull and dreary to eye catching and exciting. They are an inexpensive way to attract the eye of potential new customers, as well as a creative and innovative method of getting across exactly what your business offers. If you are setting up a new business on the high street, then you want to clearly display just what you offer and window decals can do just that. Using images and text you can clearly display the products you offer, as well as displaying additional information such as enticing offers and discounts.


Window graphics are far removed from the old style paint that had to be scrapped off each time you wanted to refresh the look of your shop front. Window vinyl’s can be easily changed if you want to keep your window front varied and fresh. You can advertise new stock and promote new offers, for example around Christmas or Halloween, by quickly and easily changing your window graphic.

Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is very important when starting your business and you want your company name and logo to become commonplace in potential customers minds, so the more places you can get your company name, the better. A bland and boring shop front says nothing about your business or what your offer, but an eye catching and unique window graphic on the other hand, turns heads and helps you to build that all important brand recognition.

Promote offers and sales

While print and online media can give you certain amounts of coverage, there is only so much advertising and marketing you can do. You can give your marketing an extra boost with window graphics to promote special offers and promotions that will make passing potential customers curious about just what it is you provide. A well placed window graphic offering discounts or sales can bring curious shoppers through your door.

Create curiosity

Window graphics and vinyl’s can also help to create curiosity, as they can shield the inside of your premises from being completely seen. If a potential customer is intrigued by your window graphics, but can’t see straight into your shop, then they will come through the door to see what else you have to offer. Getting more bodies through the door increases your chance of sales and also increases your brand awareness through word of mouth, as the customer now knows just what you offer and will share that information with friends and family.


Why stick to just your shop window? Decals and vinyl’s can be placed on company cars and vans and even your own personal car. Let your neighbours and the rest of your town know that your business exists and where to find you as you drive about on your daily errands.

Often the simplest marketing efforts are the most effective. Sleek window graphics are eye catching and appealing and a sure fire way to increase your customer base.



Washington Opens Door to Organic Certification for Cannabis Farms

Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill on Tuesday that opens the door to organic certification for cannabis products in Washington state, according to a Reuters report.

Experts believe it will be the first legal avenue for organic certification of cannabis products in the U.S., as the term “organic” must typically go through the USDA — a federal agency that, due to the plant’s ongoing federal prohibition, is unable to recognize cannabis growers as legitimate business owners.

Republican Sen. Ann Rivers, who sponsored S.B. 5131, called the move “consumer-driven.”

“As we have moved forward in the legal marijuana market, we’re hearing people say, ‘We don’t want any pesticides, fungicides, none of that stuff in our weed,’” Rivers said.

The actual certification process for organic cannabis in the state will be left for Washington’s Department of Agriculture to determine; but, according to Rivers, the “heavy lifting” of the state’s program will be covered by following the USDA’s official rules for organic labeling.

The bill contains several more provisions related to cannabis and was known as the “cannabis omnibus bill”in some media reports. Additional provisions include one allowing cannabis to be shared among consumers, another directing the Liquor and Cannabis Board to investigate potentially allowing homegrown cannabis, and yet another for an investigation into the prospects of farming industrial hemp (which remains illegal in Washington state despite its adult-use cannabis regime).

Washington is one of now eight U.S. states that have voted to legalize marijuana, though it is the only state to have done so without allowing adults to grow their own cannabis plants.

Your Customers make your Brand what it is!

“Customer service is a big part of a brand’s influence. After all, it’s why people will pay an annual fee for an American Express card over a Visa or MasterCard. And it’s why people will pay more at a high-end retail store over saving money on Amazon. Sometimes, customer service is seen as part of the product and the brand itself.” Couldn’t have said this better myself! I believe it’s Customers who MAKE your brand what it is!

Happy 4th of July

Every year on the 4th of July I see this photo and I want to make them. Every year, I fail! We see thousands of Images each day that deal with yummy looking cooking recipes, pretty baked goods and fun cocktails. Even in the realm of design we see artistic pieces we want to recreate ourselves, pictures we want to take and frame or even product labels we want to design for that startup Brewery or Winery in town. It seems our WANT to do is much different than our TIME to do! With summer upon us in full force (I have missed you summer) do yourself a favor, take the necessary steps to ensure your life is not wasted on “should of-could of” regrets. Go out to a restaurant you have been wanting to try and order something crazy, try a different kind of wine or beer, call an old friend or meet up with a new one, or take that trip you have been wanting to take, either way, if you walk out of your comfort zone and leave all the excuses behind, you will find you have expanded your horizon if only a little bit but far greater than yesterday. In all this, remember who fought for our freedom to be able to make the choices at hand. Happy 4th of July, be safe, be happy and be thankful!

The Press is busy this week!

Thanks again Boxx Berry Farm for your continued loyalty and friendship. More labels means more production for you, Congratulations!

Just another Wine Label

One of the perks of working at a print shop is being able to custom make our very own label! Happy Friday


Our Family here at Labels Plus offer our deepest condolences to those killed, injured or affected by the terrorist outrage at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all during this most difficult time.


With Spring slowly coming to an end, yes, the rain will pass and sunny days are ahead, you need to start cleaning out your closets and schedule those Garage Sales.  With that in mind, do yo have all the necessary labels that will organize your sale?  How about labels to organize the remaining items you are keeping?  Life get’s so busy these days so to have a little organization to our lives makes it easy to enjoy the things that really matter.  With the proper items to help you with these tasks I am confident life will be more organized and simple, saving you time and energy.


When is it?
The time change begins on Sunday, March 12th, at 2 a.m., when clocks are moved forward by one hour.

Why 2 a.m.?
The time change is set for 2 a.m. because it was decided to be the least disruptive time of day. Moving time forward or back an hour at that time doesn’t change the date, which avoids confusion, and most people are asleep, or if people do work on a Sunday, it’s usually later than 2 a.m. So don’t forget, you don’t want to be late for work, school or a breakfast date! 🙂